During summer, our companions require attention

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Summer is coming but for our friends, the dogs, can be one of the most difficult.

Summer is coming, and we are all anxiously waiting for the heat, the sun and the good temperatures. For us this season is one of the best of the year, but for our friends, the dogs, can be one of the most difficult. Our dear companions require special care and attention.

The first thing that comes to mind is hydration. Such an important factor throughout the year is absolutely urgent now. Your dog should have fresh and clean water 24 hours a day and should be able to drink as much as needed at any time. That is why, not only must we be aware that the drinker is always ready, but we must take the portable drinker with us when we go out for a walk or even when we go in the car.

 Another way to hydrate our friend is making homemade ice cream. Why not? Dogs love to play with ice cubes, so they'll have fun while they cool off. Give your dog an ice cube while being in the garden, (do not forget to rinse throughout water first to avoid getting it stuck on his tongue), or put ice-cubes in his drinker, he will have a great time trying to catch them!

And if you dare with water, do not forget to spray your pet with a hose, wet its head or let it play while the garden sprinklers are on.

During the holidays, what is better that going out with them and take them with us everywhere? It is great to enjoy each other's company, but we must do it thinking that our pet will need fresh places protected from the sun to rest. Sometimes, as my mother says; "It's better to leave them at home and avoid stress and suffocation." At times, the option that seems worse for our pet ends up being the most appropriate, and maybe your dog will be more comfortable at home than going out for a walk.


At home, we can have, the air conditioning, a fan or a cooling mat as an ally. They are all very practical for those months of high temperatures.


Summer? Yes, of course! But with awareness and attention!


Source: Fundacion-affinity.org, The commerce.com


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