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It is very important to have a reliable vet to help you in the first months of your dog life. Remember that once a year you must repeat vaccines to ensure that your dog is always protected.

When we decide to adopt a puppy, one of the first doubts that we are assaulted with, is when and how many vaccines should be provide him/her.

As with babies, puppies receive the first immunity through their mother’s milk. The antibodies contained in it are responsible for protecting the little ones during the first weeks of life. Now, although we are on the right track, there is a long way to go.

Of course it is very important to contact our vet as soon as we have the puppy with us and arrange a vsit with him. It is also very important to confirm if your pet  has received any vaccine before arriving at our home .

The specialist will inform us when is the optimal time to start vaccinating our little four-legged.

Puppies are very vulnerable to Parvovirus and that is why when they are between 45 - 60 days, they must be given the first dose of this vaccine.

When they are 9 weeks, we must go back to the vet so he can to provide the vaccine of the Distemper, adenovirus type 2, infectious hepatitis and Leptospirosis, in addition to the second dose of Parvovirus.

There are also optional vaccines, such as Coronovirus. In that case, the veterinarian should inform you of the optimal time to supply it to your pet.

When your puppy is 12 weeks, the previous vaccine will be repeated together with the third dose of Parvovirus.

In the case of rabies, there are regions in Spain that consider it not mandatory, however, keep in mind that if your puppy has to travel abroad, you must vaccinate him/she against rabies before leaving the country.


As you can see,  it is very important to have a reliable vet to help you in these first months. And remember, once a year you must repeat the polyvalent vaccine to ensure that your dog is always protected and above all, never vaccinate your best friend while being sick,. You should ALWAYS wait until he/she fully recovers .


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