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Groc Groc Blog | Vaccines during the 1st months of life. HELP!

Sobre: jueves, octubre 18, 2018
It is very important to have a reliable vet to help you in the first months of your dog life. Remember that once a year you must repeat vaccines to...

During summer, our companions require attention

Sobre: domingo, junio 3, 2018
Summer is coming but for our friends, the dogs, can be one of the most difficult.

The Age of Our Dogs

Sobre: jueves, abril 26, 2018
 “ I would to know to what human age corresponds my dog’s age​​... “ How many times have we asked ourselves that same question? The answer is ;...

New GrocGroc shop online

Sobre: jueves, marzo 22, 2018
We just launched the new GrocGroc online store. We hope you like it.

Putting our dog in a sweater is really a good idea?

Sobre: jueves, marzo 22, 2018
Should we dress up our pets?


Sobre: jueves, marzo 22, 2018
Day after day, there are more and more city councils that join the struggle to keep their streets clean. 
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