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Dog Dermatitis: Does your dog scratch a lot?

Some breeds are much more likely to suffer from Dermatitis in dogs is a skin disease that can occur between the first and third year of age.

Groc Groc Blog | Vaccines during the 1st months of life. HELP!

It is very important to have a reliable vet to help you in the first months of your dog life. Remember that once a year you must repeat vaccines to...

During summer, our companions require attention

Summer is coming but for our friends, the dogs, can be one of the most difficult.

The Age of Our Dogs

 “ I would to know to what human age corresponds my dog’s age​​... “ How many times have we asked ourselves that same question? The answer is ;...

New GrocGroc shop online

We just launched the new GrocGroc online store. We hope you like it.
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