Putting our dog in a sweater is really a good idea?

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Should we dress up our pets?

Even though nature has provided dogs with their natural coat, many of them still get cold when temperatures drop, that is why, from Groc Groc we are convinced that our pets should be able to stay warm during those cold days.

While their ancestors lived in the wild, our pets normally stay in our homes, where, thanks to the central heating, they enjoy comfortabletemperatures. 

When going out for a walk, the sudden change of temperature, can be very harmful for them, as it can be for ourselves. Small dogs are especially vulnerable as they have a bigger body surface in proportion to their weight.

Puppies and older dogs are also very weak in this sense. They sometimes suffer from arthritis and their muscles are weaker, that is why it is highly recommended to cover them to maintain their body temperature in Winter. 

When choosing each garment, it is very important to bare some details in mind. We must cover all the back length, protecting the spine, that is the area that suffers more with low temperatures.

Their neck is also very important to prevent cervical problems. 

Groc Groc offers a vast variety of garments, with different types of fabrics and designs, in order to be comfortable for every bread and dog size. Coats to go out for a walk, sweaters and t-shirts to be cosy at home or enjoying a stroll and our buffs, to maintain our pets neck nice and warm. Everything that your best friend will need for the coldest days is awaiting in our e-shop!


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