The Age of Our Dogs

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 “ I would to know to what human age corresponds my dog’s age​​... “

How many times have we asked ourselves that same question?

The answer is ; Many, many times! 

Popularly we have believed that the correct way to calculate the age of our dogs based on human, was to multiply by 7, however, various studies have concluded that to arrive to a more accurate calculation we must take into account many factors. 

Stanley Coren, has worked hard in this regard, and has published several books in which he talks about it. In them he explains that both the size and the breed of our dog, are determining when establishing our calculations. 

Following his proposal we will have to admit that  the first year of life of a puppy would correspond to 15 or 16 years of a human. What humans develop between childhood and adolescence,  dogs develop throughout their first year of life, incredible, isnt’t it?

 If so, what is the equivalent of 2 years of a dog’s life?

According to the writer, those 2 first years in a dog’s life would be equivalent to about 24 years of human, that is to say , wh the age of a young adult.

After 2 years and up to 5 years, we would have to add 5 more years. 

As mentioned, breed and size are also important. It is then, after 5 years of age, when Coren gives takes into account the size of the dog. Thus, according to his studies, the smallest breeds age 4 years for each human year, while the medium breeds age at an average of 6 years. The largest breeds age faster, aging  7/8 years for each human year. 

If we follow this new proposal, our little puppy of 8 years would have an age that would correspond to that of a person of about 51 years, while our large breed dog would approach the age of 60. 

Bearing in mind this approach, we will surely learn to understand and take better care of our best friend in every stage of their growth.




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