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Groc Groc was born from the desire to provide design and fashion in the daily life of our pets, creating clothes and accessories that correspond to what today's “parents” are looking for. 

Groc Groc is fashion; we design the entire collections as if they were for our own dogs, Chispa, Ivan's Shih Tzu, Nun, the Maltese and Yuki the Malshi, both Marta’s four-legged friends.

Groc Groc is comfort, convenience and ease of use, all seasoned with a note of freshness and elegance.

Groc Groc is contemporary. We are a pro Upcycling brand, we optimize discarding materials, such as remnants from textile manufacturing, left overs  of the car industry, along with advertising banners used in the Spanish streets.

Groc Groc supports social reintegration projects, collaborating with Spanish workshops. We wanted our growth to go hand in hand with entities that fight to create new opportunities for those at risk of social exclusion, without , of course, neglecting professionalism and good work. Thus, our work team is composed by talented people, with a great experience in design and manufacture of fashion garments.

When buying Groc Groc you will be adquiring a garment conceived and made entirely in Spain, according to the know-how and textile tradition of the country. The yellow trim that embellishes every garment is our signature, yellow is the color that gives identity to Spain, linked directly with the sun, the light and the warmth that characterizes us as a country.

Groc Groc is a project full of illusion, which seeks to offer solutions to all the needs of each of our pets and their owners. 

Groc Groc offers modern and urban clothes and accessories without forgetting that the design should never be at odds with comfort: t-shirts, coats, raincoats, dispensers, harnesses and much more await you.

We hope you will like it,


Marta & Ivan

Groc Groc T shirts Confection

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