Groc Groc Confection

We are Iván and Marta, founders and partners  in Groc Groc, a brand that is born with the desire to provide a note of freshness, elegance and comfort in the daily life of our pets.

Dedicated to international trade, we have had the great fortune of being able to work with Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan, traveling there assiduously, getting in touch with their culture and learning about their uniqueness and particularities.

Being spectators of the dog market growth, during one of our trips, we let ourselves fall into temptation and decided to buy some clothes for our dogs: Chispa, Ivan’s beautiful Shih tzu and Nun, Marta’s little Maltese.

South Korea, cradle of textile manufacturing, offered an unbeatable scene to launch a project like Groc Groc. We searched and we got down to work, we looked for the best places to buy original, elegant and modern fabrics made in Korea.

Once in Spain, we decided to expand our selection of materials, looking for more alternatives that would allow us to achieve a complete and diverse collection that would adapt to all needs.

Manufacturing, where? There was no doubt ; in Spain, where the tradition of textile manufacturing continues to be strong.

At this moment we thought that our clothes should« talk « to the consumer letting him or her know that when he/she buys Groc Groc, he/she is buying a garment made in Spain, according to the know-how and the textile tradition of the country. We then decided that the yellow trim in all our garments, would be our signature.

That is when Groc Groc was born. A thrilling project, that seeks to offer garments and pet accesories as a solution to all the pets and their owner’s needs.

Groc Groc T shirts Confection

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