Dog Poop Bags Yellow Kakou Dispenser


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The top of fashion online for your pet!

Dog sachet dispenser made in canvas from recycled advertising PVC banner.

Never run out of bags because you will always carry the spare with you!

Capacity for 2 hygienic bags rolls.

With circular carabiner for easy grip on the strap.

All the Kakou Bags are different, so take the chance to see which one is awaiting for your dog! 

10,41 €

The Kakou Bag is undoubtedly the ideal hygienic bag dispenser.

Made in canvas (PVC) from recycled advertising banner, this accessory will give a modern and urban touch to your walks with your pet.

You will never run out of bags again, thanks to its capacity for 2 bag rolls.

The 2 first rolls offered!

You can combine it with all our Nun Star t-shirts, for a total look.

The pattern may vary from one bag to another.

Dimensions : 10 x 8 x 5,5 cm 

Groc Groc Upcycling comitment

Altura8 cm
Anchura10 cm
Profundidad5,5 cm
CompositionPVC from recycled advertising banner
Closure ModeZipper

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